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HiTi Software for ID photography

photodesiree software informer 2 300x225 IDesiree   HiTi IDesiree Software
photo desiree

photodesiree software informer 300x224 IDesiree   HiTi IDesiree Software
photo desiree
Photo Desiree is a free utility for Hi-Ti photo printers that allows you to edit and enhance an image before printing it. The program allows you move the image to match the paper size, to adjust the contrast, sharpness and color, and to add special effects like solarization, posterization, blur, and so on. Also, you can add text, paste another image for making basic photomontages, as well as calendar templates for making customized calendars, which are perfect for gifts. You can further enhance your images adding cute frames and garnishes.
This utility also allows you to print your photos in several sizes. For example, you can choose to print two photos in a single paper sheet. Those photos can be the same or two different ones. Also, you can print photos in sizes like 25X30, 25X35, 30X40, 35X35, and even in some ID sizes. Some of the sizes allows you to print two or three sets of different photos; for example, you can print 5 sets of three different 25X30 photos.
The program also lets you print useful objects like bookmarks, business cards, credit card-size photos and more, and add a watermark to the printed photos. This utility works with Hi-Ti photo printers only.


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